Lexus Presentation
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This flash presentation is about my PowerPoint Kiosk Presentation on Lexus. It was a project of one of my multimedia courses.
Guessing Game
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A simple number guessing game with hint option.
Universe Game
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A simple logic game.
Javascript / DHTML
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QueryString(arg) returns the value of the argument(arg) that is sent to the page, same as in ASP and other server-side scripting languages.
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A navigation menu(not drop-down) which collapses all open sub menues. It's a very nice menu, too bad it only wokrs in IE(and Firefox), but I'm working on it.
Times Table
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A nice Times Table for the kids.
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This script shows all the factors of a number.
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Scramble is a logic game where you have to put the blocks in ascending order.
Palindrome Evaluator
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A script that will tell you whether a string is a palindrome.
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This calculator is very similar to the standard windows calculator. Hopefully I will make a scientific one soon :-).
Visual Basic
Client/Server Chatting Program
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A very simple chatting program, much like AIM.
Mortgage Bank
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This program calculates the mortgage rates from your input.
RGB Picker
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Lets you select your own color and will show its RGB value.
Clipboard Cleaner
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Did you know that websites can read your Clipboard? What if you copied some personal information and forgot about it, sites that you visit can read that personal info. Well, with this little utility you can clear your Clipboard with a click of a mouse.
Tired of your computer distracting you from doing your homework? This program will blackout your screen, until you press ESC.
My IP Address
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This little utility shows you your IP Address and Computer Name.
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The ePrimates website was my senior project at Brooklyn College. It is a website about Primates written for the Department of Anthropology and Archaology.
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The VanGuard project is a website about an old VanGuard newspaper of Brooklyn College.
BC Library Donations
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A Donations website for the Brooklyn College Library.
Academic Information Techologies
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The Academic Information Technologies website for the Brooklyn College Library.
RLordPhoto.com is a search-driven based website that lets visitors search for any of the 25,000 images of Richard Lord. This website allows users to select certain images from one search result set and save them for later preview (like a shopping cart) and then search for more images with different search queries. Then the results can be combined and users can create an account on the website to submit a request to Richard Lord for these images.(in development stage)
Computing Facililties
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Computing Facilities is a website about all public computing facilities of Brooklyn College. Visitors can custom select which features they need in a facility.
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BC News Management System (BC NMS) is a Web Application written in PHP/MySQL. It was written to fully maintain the News/FAQs (and more) of the entire Brooklyn College and all of its Departments, and especially the Brooklyn College Web Portal.
BC Library Website
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This is the Main Brooklyn College Library Website.